One-man art show "Doors Within"
January 23- February 17, 2007

"Alex Fishgoyt is a thirty-something Russian-American painter, living in New York, whose oil painting reflects a surrealistic, phantasmagoric exploration of the "collective unconscious". From a "spiritual" viewpoint, his work represents a serious of meditations on consciousness of the universe. And yet, if one looks for influences, one must turn to the 20th century tradition of surrealism to find the sphere to which Alex belongs. With a beautiful and specific palette of colors, Alex uses a multi-layering technique to articulate a vision that is once highly organic and profoundly spiritual.

In fact, the essential "oneness" of everything is Fishgoyt's major theme. That theme is captured in an incessant curvilinear dynamic. Ample illusions are made to figures caught up in an endless and ongoing cycle. All this is embodied with careful architectural framing as Fishgoyt deconstructs and reconstructs the subconscious (or is it his vision of the spiritual universe?) in his work.

To capture and reaffirm the regenerative nature of his vision, Fishgoyt at every turn refers to the female form, with special emphasis on vaginal (sexual and regenerative) and breast (nurturing) imaginary. I have suggested that Alex Fishgoyt belongs to a surrealistic tradition, and this is certainly true.

But his work also has an extremely contemporary feel: post-psychedelic but not altogether so. Post-historical but with nostalgic appreciation for the myths of our fathers. In the end, I think that Alex Fishgoyt asks us to look at life as an organic process of eternal movement and change.

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