Two one-person shows:
Alexander Valdman - mixed media, photomosaic
Dmitry Yakovin - painting

October 24 - November 25, 2006
Opening Reception & meeting with the artist: Thursday, October 26, 6:00-8:30

Alexander Valdman is a very prolific and versatile artist. Noteworthy, be it paintings or graphics, his art has always been not only figurative, but also anthropocentric. No matter what genre or technique he chooses, his works are never entirely devoid of human presence. But rather than depicting individual human beings, Alexander often opts for mythological or archetypal characters while endowing them with distinctly modern features...

After an analysis of Dmitry Yakovin's painting that fits into the rubric of surrealistic expression, one can conclude that even after the complex process of psychological refraction, they attract the audiences' eyes as if by magical power. The audience will experience instead just the mutual interpretation of world's juxtaposed one to the other. Reincarnation's eternality penetrates with such force that it transforms Dmitry Yakovin's new world of illusions into an immersion in the controversial paths of the surrealistic vanguard..

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