Gallery Collection:
Part - II

April 26 - June 19, 2010

Twelve unique works of art 'Between the Centuries'

InterArt Prints

Boris Ivanov, "Opposition", oil on canvas 24" x 32"


Dmitry Yakovin
oil on canvas, 28"x 24"


Dmitry Yakovin - Yuriy Bakhmutov
oil on canvas, 20"x 24"


Dmitry Yakovin
"Don Quixote"
oil on canvas, 26"x 28"


Sergei Usatov
"The Golden Fish"
oil on canvas panel, 21"x 17"


Yuriy Laptev
"Slides Preview"
oil on canvas, 16.5"x 16.5 "


Sergei Usatov
"Drunk City"
oil on canvas panel, 27"x 18 "


Boris Ivanov
oil on canvas, 24"x 32"


Boris Ivanov
"Two Sunsets"
oil on canvas, 22"x 28"


Boris Ivanov
oil on canvas, 24"x 32"


Ramaz Razmadze
"Old Musician"
oil on canvas, 31" x 24"


Tagui Barsegyan
"Before Sunset"
oil on canvas, 24"x 22"


Vova Morozov
"Eggs in the Glass"
oil on canvas, 32"x 24"

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