Urbi et Orbi
Rome & New York

November 18 - December 13, 2008

eatured artist
Alexander Valdman
mixed media, photomosaic

Opening Reception with the artist: Saturday, November 22, 4:00 - 7:00 pm

Urbi et Orbi... Alexander Valdman presents to the world his visions of its most wonderful cities: Rome and New York.

Rome is one of the most photographed and painted cities in the world. In his depiction of the Eternal City, the artist combines these two media: he breaks his photos from a Roman holiday into countless luminous fragments and unites them and opaque water colors into unique portrayals of the city.

Modern photographs create images of the Rome past and present Valdman creates the ancient gladiator's helmet and the baroque staircase and pays his homage to the city's greatest artists: such as Caravaggio, in The Goliath, and Fellini, in And the Ship Sails On.

These intricate mosaics are multi-layered: the viewer can read a winged skull beneath the skin of Pantheon or shadows of knights, monks, murders and lovers in The Clouds. The artist transforms his personal memories into the Rome of myth and archetype.

Unlike Rome, where Alexander Valdman has only been once, New York is the city where he has been living for a dozen years. In the search of his own New York, the artist proceeds from the particular to the general, focusing not on the famous views, but on urban details, like garbage bags in the past or trees now. New York's history is, by far, shorter than Rome's, and yet it is New York that is often called the capital of the world.

In weaving his splendid tapestry of the city trees, the artist literally uses the whole world - images from the pages of National Geographic. Like the tower of Babel, New York is ever-building with no apparent desire to be completed and aiming higher and higher, leaving its trees beneath. Valdman brings the trees up and makes them an integral part of the New York portrait - high both in significance and in decorative value.

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